Take the ALS 50for50 Challenge and help Andrea raise $50k for ALS research
in honor of her 50th marathon!

When Andrea Lytle Peet set out to become the first person with ALS to do a marathon in all 50 states, she had no idea whether her body would sustain her long enough to complete the challenge. After all, she had already lived 5 years with the terminal disease – a milestone that only 20% of people live to see. Throw in a global pandemic and the feat seemed even more impossible.

But here she is, on the cusp of realizing her dream – it took hard work, support from those cheering her on, and most of all, it took being brave enough to start.

Celebrate Andrea’s 50th marathon by taking the 50for50 Challenge – challenge yourself to be brave in your way, and raise at least $50 for ALS research.


So, what’s your brave?

What physical or personal challenge would get you out of your comfort zone? What’s something that you’ve been putting off that you just need a little push and accountability to accomplish? How can you inspire others to live bravely?

Be sure to share your journey using #ALS50for50 — you never know who you will inspire!

Is the challenge free?

Yes! We’ll send you a keepsake gift reminding you to be brave when you raise or donate $50 by June 10, 2021. We encourage you to start a personal fundraiser for ALS research through the Team Drea Foundation. Andrea (her husband nicknamed her “Drea”) created the Team Drea Foundation to support bold, innovative research to find a cure for ALS.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge officially starts on April 8th (50 days from Andrea’s 50th marathon), but you are welcome to start your challenge as soon as you sign up. You can join anytime through May 28th (Marathon Day).

What should my challenge be?

Here are some ideas – but this is YOUR 50for50 Challenge so make it your own:

ALS 50for50 Challenge Ideas: Walk, hike, run or bike 50 miles; do 50 pushups, squats, crunches or burpees a day; create 50 drawings or read 50 books; bake 50 batches of cookies or quilt 50 squares, write in your journal daily or purge one thing per day- or create your own challenge!

So, What's Your Brave?

Get creative…Get to where you want to go…Celebrate what your body can do!



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